Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Resolutions, like Rules, are made to be broken

I don't actually want to say I "broke" my resolution (to bike to work everyday). I just modified it. I was out late last night with some friends. Tanner and I are planning a winter "tour" to his parents' house 90 miles away in Rochester in 3 weeks. Blake and Brauer joined us at the Triple Rock as well. It was good to see Brauer before he departed on his extended bike trip.

This morning I was tired and the down covers were warm. I knew outside it was very cold. -14 with 20+ mph winds out of the west to be exact. I slumbered and rolled out of the soft haven of bed a bit late. April was up; Sylvia was bopping around. My sweetie very considerately asked, "Why don't you let us give you a ride to work?" "No ... I wanna ride," I replied while showing very little ambition to dress for the cold.

We chatted and did those fun family morning things we so rarely get to do. It was nice, very enjoyable in fact. April offered a ride again. I didn't immediately refuse. I ate a light breakfast with my ladies. Sylvia and I joked around. I gave into the ride offer. I took a hot shower and left the crusty biking clothes in a pile.

It was -9 with equally stiff winds last night when I pedaled home, so I didn't balk at the weather. But by "giving in" I was able to spend an extra hour and a half with my family. I'd have to say that's not a bad compromise at all. I guess even the absolutes I try to set for myself are relative after all.


bminks said...

why dont ya come down to balmy nebraska for a ride its all of -5 wind chill today. I think we rode together at the dakota 50 for awhile , I think we both got stuck behind cross bike guy.

p.s. what does a guy gotta do to get a grain belt inport export going.

bminks said...
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bminks said...

I think I meant Import.

Patch O'Houli said...

Yeah, we both got stuck behind that guy. But the scariest part was when 8 hours or so had gone by and he was still out on the course! you guys can't even get Grain Belt in Iowa? That's just a shame.

bminks said...

you can get it in Iowa but im not sure if you can get it this far south. maybe i will have to check council bluffs.

bminks said...

where did you end up finishing?