Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Reprieve, Sort Of

I'm currently in the UK for a bike show. They've had a quite a run of weather with snow storms prior to our arrival and cold residual temperatures in the aftermath. All the snow mas melted but it was below freezing last night. It's cold and windy today.

Still, the grass is green. The color is a nice break for the eyes when you're accustomed to staring at a white landscape day in and day out. In addition the air is warm and holds enough moisture that it's possible to smell things like the soil -- the smell of the earth that is frozen away for several months in MN.

I love visiting here. It's a nice winter break. The people are cool and the food is pretty good and the beer is not bad at all. I hope to get some photos up later. Until then, be well!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not on Facebook BUT you may have seen me on Facebook

Facebook is for suckers, but SKYPE rocks! Long live Skype!

Yeah, Im an international sales dude but I just signed onto Skype. Wah. I'm a stupid, cultural-centric American like the rest of you, so go easy on the guff.

However, I can't say how psyched I am to give my $2/minute cell service a rest while I travel abroad. Just this afternoon I had chats with clients in Spain and Italy as well as Johnny Nebraska across town -- and it was all at no charge to me.

Now, tomorrow or the next day I may find out the perps behind Skype are bludgeoning seals wih their bare hands or selling third world children on the Black Market, but for now I'm pretty stoked.

Live well, friends. Choose your technology appropriately. And remember to think twice before you climb behind the wheel of your car.