Sunday, January 6, 2008

Family Bike Outing

When it's winter in Minnesota, and you have a toddler as well as a very pregnant wife to consider, you don't often think about the prospects for family bike outings. Well, yesterday temps nearly reached 40 degrees and today they went beyond 40. We've had a massive melt and a huge shift in riding conditions; today it was nice to ride around with exposed flesh catching a rare bit of winter sun. Besides that the ice build-up on the side streets had turned soft and squishy, not wet and extremely slippery. It was one grand day for bicycling in the TC.

Our outing consisted of a planned trip to the Mpls Institute of Arts to view the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit. Little did we know it was sold out (final day showing). That didn't matter much since what we really wanted to do was stretch the legs and get Sylvia out of the house. Our quest (like many good bike outings) began at CRC Coffee Bar where it was nice to see Hurl after the holiday break. Turns out he'd been in California. Maybe someday he'll link my blog.

Sylvia shows off a perfect milk moustache to complement her uber-sophisticated, slightly wistful, Jane Austen stare. Pinky out, honey ... pinky out.

Wrex (aka Bones) looks above for his inspiration. I always got the vibe he was a spiritual guy. Maybe he lost his wi-fi connection and is actually looking at Hurl threateningly.

Sylvia immersed in a sea of color at the MIA. We spent all of our time in the kid's room and none in the galleries. Such is the life of a parent. I had fun constructing a Zen-inspired temple from the Lincoln Logs and playing with the other kids however.

April on the ride home -- 7, going on 8, months pregnant and out for a spin. Lots of "authorities" say don't ride your bike while pregnant. April took the advice the first time around but now she is here to say: "Ride yer damn bike!" Granted, an upright cruiser might have its advantages with a belly full of baby.

Looks like a good week of commuting ahead with highs in the 30s and a little precip forecast. Today was the true (Iron) maiden voyage of my new Cross Check SS. Smooth, like Schlitz Malt Liquor.

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Snakebite said...

Yo. I can be at The Local nine-ish. I'll be walking from my hotel. If venues change it will take me five minutes to grab my bike. Word.

Find my email address on my blog. Might be a better method than blog commenting.