Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Initiative from Our Friends at Trek

The folks whose bikes I love to hate have started a pretty cool website. It's part of an initiative to promote cycling as transportation. (Well, and as a lifestyle, which -- let's face it -- is good business for a bike company. But we'll not get into that 'cause it's way better than auto companies trying to get people to buy hybrid SUVs in my opinion.) Check out 1 World 2 Wheels

A couple of reasons I like this site: It stresses the ease of adopting a bike for transportation, especially for trips under 2 miles. This might seem like a trite notion to hardened pedal crunchers but these two mile and under trips are a big percentage of auto travel. I've heard varying stats but they are all astonishingly high (this site says 40% of all trips). Simple solution -- walk or ride and be healthier. The site also features some videos of commuting basics and how to change a flat, a simple task that I am continually shocked many riders do not know how to do or how to do quickly and efficiently. 1 World 2 Wheels also promotes getting kids to ride to school. Check out the blog feature about elementary school kids in Colorado riding to work on a 30 degree day. That brings me to the last reason I like the site -- the blog. Sure, it's got a PR-laden overtone but it has some interesting info nonetheless. It ain't edgy like the Surly blog, so you'll have to go elsewhere to vent your spleen.

-4 for the morning commute. Tomorrow's high: -1. Pedal on.

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