Monday, January 28, 2008

We Will Begin Carding, I Swear

I couldn't resist. The Surly blog is rated R. I need to try harder. Johnny Nebraska's blog is rated R, too. I guess I don't use the word "dick" enough. Skiles got an NC-17. They must not know him very well. Snakebite is rated G; now I don't feel so bad.

This just means you should read my blog along with your parents. It's my way of contributing to the growth of family hour.


Anonymous said...


Snakebite said...

Godfuckingdamnit!!! What do you fucking mean I'm fucking rated fucking "G?!?" Shit, piss, fuck! I'll fix their wagon!

Andy said...

I only got a fucking NC-17?!!?
I love you, but you're being a little nitpicky.

Andy said...

I forgot to add: "PRICK."