Monday, February 25, 2008

You Can't Do That on T.V.

In my last post I stated that the Big Dummy has changed my life. I realize I did not specify whether that change was for the better or the worse. Well, what follows is definitive proof that it is certainly for the better.

Consider what you can fit in a normal bike pannier. A lot of stuff actually, but when it comes to beer, bottles clutter things up mighty quick-like. A 12-pack of cans in the carton fits beautifully in most panniers, but then there is the issue of weight distribution. If you buy one twelver, you might as well get two to balance things out. Depending on your rack and frame, a case of beer creates some interesting flex and wobble. Besides, you don't always need to ride around carrying a case of beer.

If you examine the photo above, you'll notice a 12-pack, a single 12-pack -- of bottles -- on one side of the Dummy. There was room in front of it for a second 12, too, if the need had arisen. Loosen a strap, slip in the box, tighten it down and away you ride. No flex, no sway, no problem.

So, with the normal pannier system I would have been confined to a minimal quantity of (good) bottled beer or a stockable quantity of (cheap) canned beer. With the Dummy, I can set my sights higher -- get the good stuff and buy enough to last. No need to look like a dirtbag messenger. Drink beer in style. My life is looking up every moment. Thanks, Big Dummy!

A sample from the various tidbits and oddities file:

Observed in the bathroom of Matt's Bar. Apparently Gene O is branching out, getting into the air freshener business. "One On One" Air Fresheners. That justs sounds a bit obscene. I don't want to visit some of the places one might stick the "One On One" Air Freshener.


Lastly, I forgot to mention it, but yesterday afternoon I rode over to Rachel's ghost bike and memorial site. I parked the bike and decided to hang out for a while. It was so warm and sunny it was hard to imagine the deep cold, the darkness. It was difficult to think of death. There I was, excited about a new bike, riding on a beautiful day. I kept thinking, "You're still missed, Rachel." I guess it hasn't been that long. Perhaps your greatest legacy was enriching the lives of so many folks. That's not a bad legacy at all. May we all be so fortunate.


mark said...

I've carefully "examine[d] the photo above" and am in wonder why you failed to pay me a visit. I would have been more than happy to lessen your load by a beer or two and to even poke fun at your headset choice.

Blogstyle said...

Grayboy carries kegs.

Linden said...


you are going to be constantly re-amazing yourself. 6 bags of groceries + my 6-year old has been my most recent record.

get ready for the Spring longbike rally! maybe with a stop at Matt's!