Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do You Wanna Change Your Life?

Then here's one way to do it: Procure (preferrably in a legal fashion) and ride a Big Dummy. I spent the better part of this weekend building up the new bike and today I took it out for its (Iron) Maiden voyage -- a few hours on bike paths, alleys, streets, and off-road on some snowy trails. The Big Dummy has the most amazing feel I have ever experienced with a bike. It just screams, nay, seductively whispers, "Sit back and enjoy the ride." It absorbs shock and road bumps like a suspension system, but it is snappy and quicker handling than I'd expected. In a phrase -- this bike has changed my life. Laugh all you want. Call me a freak. It may not be for everyone, but ride a Big Dummy for yourself, if'n you get the chance. You might sprout an epiphany. Just don't take my Dummy. Unless I say it's okay and you buy me a six-pack.

The frame is merely a glint in my eye. On end, my 18" frame stood nearly five and a half feet tall.

This is what I call the "point of no return." Are you sure you wanna put a pink headset in an army green frame? Hell yeah! Building this puppy up was a slightly involved project. Applying Framesaver was a challenge in my cramped little shop. Sylvia was happy to help. As with any project, there were little oversights, but no major set-backs all weekend. The only thing I wasn't able to install, due to lack of long hardware, was the front fender. The disc brake caliper kinda gets in the way of the fender mount. That was too bad since we have a lot of melt happening and puddles seemed to be everywhere. I didn't care about the spatters though. It was a warm day for a ride. Everyone who was out was happy to be soaking in the sun and the warmth.

Add a hatch-back and the bike would be almost as long as the car next to it.

A stop along the way at Matt's Bar, Cedar and 35th for a Jucy Lucy and beers with Manderson.

Riding home from Matt's was surreal. The temperature was still warm (35F) and the light was fading into dusk. Minnehaha greenway was not too busy, just the occasional jogger and dog walker. I could have turned off and made a quicker trip home, but I wanted to keep riding. The fit of the bike is great and the comfort is unbelievable. You think I'm kidding. Seriously, try out a Big Dummy. Really. No joke.

All this praise is based on the feel of the bike; I haven't even begun to explore the hauling options this two-wheeled pack horse has to offer. More updates to follow ... Not enough pictures, you say? Well, you're in luck. Apparently I was one of the most exciting things that happened at CRC Cykel Garage today. Hurl gave me a nice little feature on his blahg. While you're there you may want to read the teaser about the Slick 50 going down March 15. Sadly it's four days after our due date. If the baby ain't out by then, the misses probably isn't going to approve of me taking off on a cruise. And thanks to the Hurly Man for sending me on my way with 5mm hex bolt long enough to fix my fender woes.


Snakebite said...

The pink headset really ties the room together.

I've a 20" on order and am considering taking it on the San Juan Hut to Hut ride I'm doing at the end of June.

Great bike! Have fun!

mark said...

Hurl and Fleck linking to each other's blog entries - I keep going around in circles not smart enough to get off.

But seriously, you should have put a Chris King headset on that thing, it really would have been the icing on the pound cake.

Patch O'Houli said...

Mark, I thought of you and your love of King components with every turn of the headset press.


One Eyed z said...

Slick looking ride - the Big Dummy is on my list should I decided to buck up for a new rig this year.
Nice to see that you are enjoying it so far!

Grady said...

Damn Fleckstone... Ya got me thinking. I may have to order one of these up; probably selling 2 suv's soon (incl. bigred - the '89 GlandBruiser w/ 251K and still counting), buying some hybrid thing and... one of these Dummies??? In Duluth though?

Vik said...

I mounted some PB Cascadia fenders to the fork using the mounts partway up the fork legs. Clean setup and you don't have to mess with the disc calipers.