Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thank you, President Bush ...

... for fucking up my evening commute. The roads were a mess. Cops -- inept, underage cops without a clue -- were incapably directing traffic through otherwise unregulated side roads because your cavalcade chose to block off I-494 at rush hour -- the busiest, most congested stretch of interstate highway through Mpls on a normal day, made exponentially worse because our Dunce-in-Chief was in town. But, hey, I guess you needed to get to the airport. Your presence affected half the city and most of them probably hate your guts. (Land in rural MN next time -- they love you. Here, in the city, we love our liberal ways.) Glad you didn't stay long. Make it longer before your next visit. And, please make it even longer before any of your cronies inherit the White House. Wait, just keep doing what you're doing ... I have some faith the American people are beginning to catch on by now.



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