Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life is what happens ...

... when you're busy making other plans.

I believe that is what John Lennon said, roughly.
Oh, how true. How true is your life? Have you (recently) done what you wanted to do for even a month? Have you gotten tired of it? It's one of the four natures of suffering -- the suffering of change. So, you don't get that last sentence. Oh well. But isn't it true -- you have your vacation, exactly as planned and all of a sudden, it's like, "Shit! I want some variety! I want a drama. I want a taste of everyday life."
Yep. Sleep tight, Minneapolis. My semester starts tomorrow. And next spring, our second baby will be born.


cvo said...

wow, congrats guys

cvo said...

hey, it was good to see you this weekend up in south dakota.

sorry we didn't get to hang out much, got busy, got drunk, got faded, and worn out.

see ya at the hommie october 20th