Saturday, August 18, 2007

Phoenix Rising

The weather broke a couple days ago. We were melting in MPLS with 90+ degrees most days and equal percent humidity for several weeks. Today saw a high in the low 70s with steady showers all day. Much of the same tomorrow. Most likely no mtn biking at Wirth, but I'll take the rain -- we need it. This weather shift is one of my favorite things about Minnesota. It happens every year in August -- we'll get an abrupt reminder that signals the inevitable end of summer. Oh, it will still be hot for a few days here and there, but soon enough we'll be layering on the long sleeve woolies for the morning ride. And not long after that, the mitts, winter boots, balaclavas ... but I digress. Who wants to think about winter? It's time to appreciate this delicious treat offered by Midwestern late summer/early autumn.

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