Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ramble on

My children will know the merits of outdoor music
in the summer
with a right mix of good friends
and perhaps a good beer or two.
I will trust that they can tell the way
between the right path and the wrong;
after all, I have explored the merits of excess
and I am still here to admit there is validity
in those experiences as well.

I remember Frank Black in Salt Lake City
We were there for a trade show
unwinding with an open bar and a free concert.
Frank rocked
and seeing old friends who then lived halfway across the country
while we were all halfway across the country rocked, too.

A couple months ago I took Sylvia to the Uptown Pride Block Party
we waded, two freaks, through a larger crowd of freaks,
to within 20 feet of Bob Mould --
Bob sang his heart out the way he always does.
I love him for that
and I hope Sylvia someday loves me for taking her there.

Parents try so hard to act young
without even being themselves.
As a parent, if I am comfortable in my own skin,
why should I try to hide who I am
from my own child?

Live and be,
see and experience,
but please, don't forget someday
to send me the URL for your blog.


cvo said...

have a good weekend my friend

Patch O'Houli said...

Sincere thanks, bro ... same to you.