Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another roadside attraction

Three feet. That's all I ask -- three feet. That's the minimum legal passing distance. Three feet is nice. Give a little more if ya got it. Thanks.

Coming events -- Flecker delves into fresh territory with a go at mountain bike racing. First off is the Dakota 5-0 (as in 50 mile) in Spearfish SD over Labor Day weekend. 6275 ft of climbing (and descending) in the beautiful hills of South Dakota. Come along ... it'll be a memory in the making: http://www.dakota5o.com/ After that, it's time for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival. That's 40 miles of less punishing terrain, but still a thigh-burner. Me and something like 7000 other riders will hit the course to pedal/race this timeless Northern WI classic. It should be good times: http://www.cheqfattire.com/ Then ... well, then .... it will be 'cross season! (Don't get me started.)

We are on day 4/5 of the rain in Mpls. Since we cool our apartment via open windows, it has been an interesting process watching the pages of books curl and the soggy cycling duds refuse to dry out overnight. Good times. Welcome to Portland. This is why they make Framesaver, I suppose. It's never a bad idea for your beloved STEEL ride. Dig it.

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