Friday, August 10, 2007

A stellar biking day

I wish I were a professional blogger. I wish I could just post at will. But, I do a lot of catching up. That's the price of love, as New Order might say. In reality, that's the price of job, family and other things tugging at my bib straps. The up side is that, generally, most of my posts are well thought out and spelled correctly. You always gotta look on the bright side of life ...

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a very bike-centric Saturday. Our parents were in town -- well, April's parents, but I consider them my own as well. They bike and that is a good thing. Although we didn't get to spend as much time together as I would have wished, we did get to grab breakfast/brunch and ride around a bit.

The choice for a b-fast spot was left up to me, so I didn't hesitate in suggesting the T-Rock. Huge portions and a very cycle friendly menu.
The waitress was kind enough to turn down the p-rock blaring in the background. I think it was at least 10:30 ... what better time in the a.m. to enjoy a Surly Bender? Notice the gratuitous Surly (bike) logo on my rack bag?

Sabra balks at the portions. T-Rock don't mess around. Somewhere about this time I retired to the little male gender room and noticed a very cool sticker on the towel dispenser. (Note to self: carry camera at all times.) It said, "I (bike) MPLS" with a graphic of a bike in the middle. Next time, I'll get a pic.

In case you're doubting why you should pedal on over to the T-Rock for brunch ... if I remember correctly, this is the Mother Trucker. BTW Plan to pedal off those calories.

Sylvia shows her approval over Grandpa's plate. If you want 'em to live right, you gotta bring 'em up right. Later we headed to One on One. Then we pulled a U-Turn to S Mpls. I don't remember anyone saying they were hungry.

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