Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back tracking

In recent blogging I have neglected to mention a couple of notable events that occurred. There have been a spree of weddings lately. Let's recap Bob and Betsy's nuptials:

Noren lets his true feelings slip.

The happy couple is now one entity, or so that's what the vows say. In all seriousness, Bob and Betsy are awesome. Many happy years to you both!

Before things got too wacky ... Bob greets Johnny and Carrie, Mamie, and Samantha.

Before long, most of us ended up hovering around the beer tent. Tony even makes time for some business.

Henry (father of the bride) and John discuss the finer points of life over a shot of Patron.

Carrie, Johnny, Tony, Noren, Bob and Betsy -- showing the neighbors what they missed.

Linda Sue is stylin' ...

... and Don is profilin' (the 'WTF?' look).

John thinks Trevor's outfit is lacking the Euro white shoes. I agree.

There are stories behind this photo I'm sure.

Noren's arthritic hand scares many people. It's frozen that way, I swear.

The keg ran dry but trouble was on the way ...

Long after most polite guests had left, Trevor and I stayed. (We were the only two who had ridden bikes to the wedding and our sweaty chamois were still hanging in the bathroom.) We got to spend some real quality time with Betsy's family. Here Trevor shares a bottle of bubbly with Henry.

Henry rode our bikes; we got to sight his shotgun. Then, it was time to leave.

I think I'll listen to Trevor the next time he tells me not to pop the cork on the champagne before loading it into my pannier. Half of it ended up in my bag and half of it in our bellies -- classic Tour style on the road. I got to ride all the way to St Paul from the wedding in Minnetonka for dinner at Joel and Faith's. Unfortunately, I was pooped and didn't stay long before remounting and heading home.

Don't try these marathon party-riding stunts at home kids. Everyone you see here is a trained professional.

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