Friday, May 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Bar Times
The arrival of the RNC will bring later last calls in Mpls -- 4am to be exact. Yeehaw! I don't go to bars much, but this sounds like an historic event I just might have to saddle up and experience for myself, if I'm not picked up as a suspected domestic terrorist for being on a bike during the convention. And it's all thanks to the Republicans! Maybe they're not so bad after all. Hell, if they could get the bar times permanently changed to 4am the Twin Cities might swing Red, or perhaps some pretty shade of purple like the bruise from a policeman's baton.

With the coming of the RNC, I hear there's extra money to be made as a mole (aka informant, nark) if you have connections to slimy, subversive groups ... like vegans. Hey, the extra beer you'll drink from 2-4am could be paid for! Listen up! Thanks to LFOAB for bringing this to the attention of many.

Dollars from Heaven
Riding home last night I found $6 crumpled up on the road. It was in Richfield on Vincent Ave. If you think you dropped it, send me the serial numbers from the bills and I will re-imburse you the leftover change from my latte this morning.

I love finding money on the road. I reckon I've probably found about $100 over the course of my life while walking or riding my bike.

A Green Light for Cyclists
Hurl covered it, so read his post. There is proposed MN legislation to allow cyclists to roll lights and signs when no traffic is present. In other words, to make legal the way most pragmatic transportation cyclists already operate their bicycles. Take that, Driver 8! Now let's see if it actually goes through. Make a stink -- tell your governmental types how much sense this makes.

Have a great weekend you free-thinking/subversize/radical/vegetarian/anarchist-tree-hugging/car-free/hippie scumbags ... wherever you are!

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