Saturday, May 10, 2008

Anything You Want Me to Be

Bike culture. Swing a drunken fixie rider in this town and you'd be hard pressed not to scrape some culture off on you. Careful -- it could be infectious. Anywho, here's a little tidbit on our fair city's bike culture. Burnsie made the headlines! Yahoo!

Oh, what else is there to write? Well, in the past several weeks I've had a slough of unexpected contacts from friends of long ago. The first was my best friend in elementary school (possibly my oldest friend), Aaron Hilbun. Despite the fact that I changed my name since he knew me (I am now John Fleck instead of John Woodruff -- took April's name at marriage. Oh, ye newish friends chew on that a moment ...) he found me. Following that was Dan, another high school friend. And then a few days later Rachel, an old friend from Dagger Kayaks, contacted me. While I was preparing to board a plane at MSP for DIA to Fruita, Teri, another old friend from Dagger called me on my cell. As I type the Dagger crowd is partying down in Harriman, TN. It's a Dagger reunion. I wish I could be there. TN still feels like home to me after all these years. You can take the man out of Tennessee but you can't take the Tennessee out of the man.

Current song: Poems, Prayers and Promises by John Denver. What, you don't like John Denver? Whatever.
Here are some recent photos:

April at a birthday celebration w/ Sylvia. Sylvia turned 3 on May 7.

Sylvia finds some more gifts, mainly train stuff. I bought her some Thomas the Train supplies. You think bike stuff is expensive?!

Double chin and all I am happy to profile this shot. Willa showed her first smile to me a couple weeks ago. She is a happy girl. A toothless baby smile is a precious thing. babies aren't stupid -- they know if they do cute stuff that makes you like them you won't sell them for crack. Okay, I hope you all know that was a joke. Really.

I meant to make some greater point, but no bother. Perhaps there's no greater point than to end on the topic of smiling children. May you re-acquaint yourself with your inner child. Go have some fun.


chiggins said...

babies aren't stupid -- they know if they do cute stuff that makes you like them you won't sell them for crack.

That's no joke. Mammals pretty much across the board respond nurturingly to other animals of their own or other species when their heads are proportionally bigger than they oughta be.

We likes the babies, yowm.

Stephen & Rachel said...

Thanks for the shout out John! The reunion was such a nice day. I am sorry you and the family missed it. Your family is absolutely beautiful. If I ever get to come up to Trek World w/Smap (our shop sells Treks and Fishers), I will come visit you. If you all ever need a place to stay in K-town, we have plenty of room!
Have a good week. Rach