Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Passel of Dummies

Including me. Today is Mother's Day. Mother's Day is never a great day to argue with your wife if she also happens to be a mother. Now, all I'm referring to is a miscommunication concerning my willingness to acknowledge Mother's Day by taking April out for breakfast/lunch. I'm not a big holiday sort of person. We talked about it previously. I thought April and I were on the same page. The day arrives and it turns out we weren't even reading from the same chapter. We settled on lunch at the Town Hall. Crisis averted with good food and microbrew. And for the record, of course I wanted to take her out and do something nice.
Of course, rolling away from the Town Hall in the early P.M. was a cargo bike ride organized by Swervy.
I have to throw in a caveat -- April is the most understanding partner ever. I know, saying someone is awesome because they are "understanding" can be a bit of a dubious compliment. But it's not like that. I mean it in a very sincere sort of way. April knows how these things go (impromptu beer rides) and she is supportive of me heading out with friends. She is simply an amazing mother as well. It's not that I take every opportunity to bike and drink beer with friends -- just the good opportunites and it looked like this would be a great ride.

The obligatory drinking and heckling session that begins many a ride. Heckling cars turning onto Washington, that is. Well, and heckling the cycle-ninnies who were biking on the crowded sidewalks. Be proud! Assert your rights -- ride in the street!

Big Dumb Derby action. Sov proved he is the king. He could probably even win a tricycle derby. I take that back, Sylvia could take him down.

It's smart to include instructions on a bottle opener. Can't say that I've ever forgotten how to use one though.

After a beer stop overlooking Cedar Lake we rolled to Wirth for some Big Dumb singletrack. The Dummy was surprisingly cool to ride on the tight stuff. Wirth is not really technical by any means, but a good workout on the Dummy. Here Swervy almost cleaned the rock garden.

Nate, however, lacked a little finesse on his line.

At Hidden Beach we scared away a bunch of the locals who were hanging out. 20 dudes on long bikes toting beer and blasting tunes might have looked a bit intimidating. Hurl, Aaron, Zito and Sov posed for a little shot I like to call the "Stand By Me" Reunion photo.

612 represent!

It was a great ride on the trails and paths around Wirth. I had to peel off early. Sounds like the group rolled pretty late. But I was needed at home to sign my name a dozen or so times. We made an offer on a house on the eastern edge of Bryn Mawr. Leaving So. Mpls ...


Anonymous said...

nate lacks finesse in most any function. except shooting guns, building duck blinds, taking pinchies and drinking beer... wish i had a hauler...

Andy said...

Jeff Passolt is not a dummy. God, quit slagging the local newsmen! Minnesota has a gaggle of worthy news reporting, and you should dig in and eat it all, because it matters to the frightened ones.

Newswomen should stay at home and cook minewstrone,

Reid looks sad. Maybe he wants a beer. Villians!

By the way. Jellybean did NOT give me the letter as you proposed. You should check your resources the next time you suggest a seafood rendezvous. That guy with the warts was wearing a speedo and reciting Milton as if he wrote it himself. Prick.

I used a silencer. No worries.