Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fruita 2008

Well, it's late. I have a fresh beer. Let's see now, where do we begin? Ah! Fruita ... The Fruita trip was a trip beyond many others. It was, perhaps, a couple days longer than I wished it was. That was no fault to Fruita, perhaps simply to my family situation. It was a long time to be away from home.
Before I get into specifics, you can see the specifics here.
Denver and here is our traveling group after miles of circling around looking for the Wynkoop Brewery. Luckily, we found it. Their pretzels were the size of my skull. Well fortified, we headed west from Denver and eventually (several Coors later) ended up in Fruita.
What better way to start the first day's ride than with a sip of Speyburn?

Bama followed us back in his rally-mobile.
We made the industry crowd happy by starting this particular day with a shot of tequila.
A long climb up on Moore Fun.
A pleasant stop on Mary's Loop.
Bama attemping the entrance to Horsethief.
A rider ripping it on Zippity Do Da.
Varying crotch perspectives courtesy of Brauer.
Weee ... in the Clunker Crit.
Never a good thing to find on the trail.
Snakebite overlooks the Colorado River. Check out his blog and photos. Snakebite and I are blog friends. It's funny -- when we are in the same place we don't too talk much, but we seem to do fine via blog. Ha, introverts. He does a fine job on his inter-webular device and you'ns should read it, too.
Aaron asks, "Hey, how YOU doin'?"
Two pounds of burger can't be that hard to eat, right? I conquered the Terminator 2.
Ah, am I supposed to flip you off? Troy is lost, sort of, while Brauer is lost in some other conversation.
Jen salutes a visit from the Surly sticker fairie.
The after effects of 6 days in a motel room. (Family edited version.)
Attempting to drain the local beer well on the ride home.
The remains of a good winter in Summit County.
Still running lifts at Arapahoe Basin.
A landmark visit on the way back to the airport. Ah, the stories that I will not write. However, I did tour Black Bart's Cave.

A Dummy carrying my luggage home. Home, sweet home. And the chilly end to a long trip. It was 76 and sunny in Denver; 36 and cloudy in Minneapolis. Ah, spring in the Midwest.

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