Thursday, May 8, 2008

Perpetual Ephemera

Ah, Young Grasshopper, do you ever wonder what happens to those plastic bags we all-too-readily carry away from where goods are sold?

Put aside any artistic residue from the opening of the film "I (heart) Huckabees."

There are two alternatives to this common question: "Paper or plastic?"

1) "Neither ... I don't need a bag."

2) "I brought my own. Let me put my schtuff in it myself."

I snapped this photo last weekend, but it reminded me of spring in central Minnesota. In my past life working for the Great Bell Canoe Making Company, I used to drive past a landfill north of Elk River. The northwest and west winds of spring would literally spray plastic bag confetti all over the trees and bushes east of the landfill along the highway -- thousands of discarded plastic shopping bags. Not only was I slowly drilling it into my head that driving 60 miles one way to get to work was insane (not to mention I was working for an insane company), but that throwing away plastic was, in the least, depressing. Do yourself and our planet a favor, quit relying on the plastic bag (or paper bag, for that matter) to get your shit home from the store.


Stephen & Rachel said...

Yep, I hear you on that one John! The other day I went to the Fresh Market with my bag in tow. I got to the check out line and the gal in front of me saw that the COOL thing to do was to have your own bag(s). So, she bought one for $1.00. The lady bagging her stuff asked her, "do you want to use this today". Just goes to show that there are a lot of mindless people in our world. Good post John!

The Dude [LFoaB] said...

Cool, didn't know Wal-Mart now owns all the trees too.

For us, we ask for "Plastic" when we need saddle covers for our Brooks [Brooks' own saddle covers are complete dogshit].


Patch O'Houli said...


I hear you on Brooks covers -- not a fan either. They work best to hold the plastic bag in place beneath it and keep it from flapping in the breeze. You'd think they'd market one worthy of the leather ass jewelry they peddle.

Oops, I think I punned. Sorry. That means it's time to quit writing.

paul said...

did you hear about china banning plastic bags? google it. closest I've seen to what apparently they've got going over there was last month driving south from Murdo, SD towards Valentine, NE . yikes. miles of fences with every few feet a shredded plastic bag waving in the breeze. how about a nice shopping bag with "BYOB" on it.