Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Ever Happened to Zito's Ham?

The Slick 50 was a profitable ride. I spent money on beer; I rode away with a big ham. We made good use of that ham. Just you see.

In order to explain, we need to back up a bit. The Sunday morning after the Slick 50 began with a trip to the MN Children's Museum in St Paul. We loaded up and cruised over to that "other city."

Here's a family shot on the walk to the museum. Don't they look happy?

This is a shot of Aunt Hannah with Julian (Sylvia's cousin) and Sylvia. They are hard at work on art projects. For Sylvia that mostly meant squirting a lot of glue onto a piece of cardboard, but who am I to judge art?

The culmination of the day. Zito's ham went into the oven for a few hours and we worked on side dishes -- greens, carrots, sweet potatoes and biscuits. Angela and Eric came over and brought the carrots. It made a southern boy like me proud. That ham was GOOD. Thoroughly local, totally smoked. Even Angela (the "vegetarian") said, "Yum."

Zito's ham went on to feed a few more people the next day and care baggies went out to friends. The day after that more people ate from it and today it comprised the better portion of our lunch. By the time of writing it is almost depleted, but its memory will live on. We'll make soup from the bone. That ham was special. Locally processed, really tasty and many people enjoyed it. Plus, how often does one buy a ham and feed one's friends? Isn't that part of the greater meaning of food and meals in general?

Thanks, Zito!

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