Sunday, March 16, 2008

Slick 50 -- 2008 style

More photos from the Slick 50 may be found here. Mark E shot some video. Swing on over to his corner of the blogosphere to sample that.

If you were there you know. If you stayed 'til the end, you know even more (the parts you can remember anyhow). And if you missed it -- well, there's always next year.

Once again, Hurl assembled a pleasantly challenging concoction of trails and cut-throughs of varying surface quality for this Ides of March edition of the Slick 50. I wasn't certain I'd be joining the crew. April had some twinges of pre-labor on Friday. She gave me the green light Saturday morning, however, and even came to the Triple Rock for breakfast and pre-ride trash talk. Things remained stable and I didn't get "the call." In fact I stayed out entirely too late, my Slick 50 experience blending seamlessly into a dinner meeting with Manderson and the illustrious Mr. Rahn, then ending with a backyard blaze in an undisclosed S Mpls location.

Highlights of the ride: pedaling through icy tunnels and slushy culverts; watching sludgy icicles form at unlikely angles on various parts of bike frames; storming Main St Hopkins, 30+ dirty riders raiding the first bar we came to; Zito winning a meat raffle at said bar and me hauling most of the massive ham home in my seat bag. Total mileage: 50.17. Crashes: 0. The facial expressions and comments of Hopkins residents and "normal" patrons of the Tavern: priceless.

This little diversion temporarily set aside the obvious question: When is that critter going to make its entrance into the world? I guess when s/he is damn good and ready.

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