Monday, March 17, 2008

Dummy Press

You, dear readers, have not heard me say the words 'Big Dummy' much lately. I have been riding my Cross-Check fixed gear in prep for last Saturday's ride and looking ahead to the Almanzo 100. With snow this morning and more forecast tonight I will most likely stay on my Cross-Check for another day. Fixed gear is superior in the snow in my book and my body is used to riding this bike again. Plus, my Cross-Check is just so sexy!
Other folks have been talking about the Dummy, however:

The Mpls Star Tribune did a nice feature on the Big Dummy in yesterday's paper.

Momentum Magazine, out of Vancouver, also has a blurb in their current issue. They did a spread on Mpls bike culture and interviews with a few figures from around town, too. If you dig bikes for lifestyle, transportation and just plain ole "rockin' the boat" kind of reasons, you might want to bookmark the site. Better yet, tell your local outpost of bike culture to start carrying Momentum in hardcopy.

My sister-in-law, Hannah, rode the Dummy briefly yesterday. She also let me take her around the block on the snap deck. I'd consider her a casual cyclist but she loved it and said it makes so much sense. She even asked me how much they cost. I don't think I answered her. It's not the cheapest bike one could build, but when you consider what it does as well as the endless possibilities -- and if you're serious about eliminating the conflicting values of internal-combustion technology in your life -- then, it's worth every penny.

THIS JUST IN! It has nothing to do with the rest of my post! Campy shifters and SRAM Red derailleurs/cassettes are compatible. Who knew?

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