Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello, Spring, Can You Hear Me?

Little Willa at 4 days old. She's a very alert and generally happy kid.

We got out as a family today and went on a long walk to the Peace Garden and Roberts Bird Sanctuary. The day was perfect, I even dressed a little too warmly. It's a good thing we got out. A passing walker asking whether we had also seen the season's first butterflies along the trail remarked how they'd be dormant again after tomorrow's snow. Snow?! I haven't been checking the forecast; I've been blissfully floating in family la-la land. Ye old weather folks are calling for a 90% chance of frozen precip starting tomorrow morning and lasting all day. Total storm accumulation is predicted at 7-8". Now, I like to temper those predictions with the freak-out factor because I think weather professionals like to talk of gloom and doom. However, no way around it -- tomorrow looks to be a mess, as well as a test of my snow and ice-addled nerves. Nothing says "welcome back!" after a week off from work like a March snowstorm for the morning bike commute.

Walking around, seeing what there is to see. We observed a bunch of downy woodpeckers, chickadees and a pair of mallards. Sylvia climbed over logs and jumped in the lingering snow patches.

Sylvia in the Peace Garden. We can only hope for a little inner peace for this big sister. The past couple of days seem to have marked an increased jealousy concerning April's time and attention. Sometimes her moods resemble a regression to the stereotypical "terrible twos." That's our fiesty girl!

Willa slept the entire time on my chest. It's a tough life.

No, this isn't an old photo. It was just a couple of days ago. Sylvia doesn't know the meaning of seasonal garb -- every day is dress-up day! Her style is a sort of anachronistic fusion -- the prairie schooner pulled up for breakfast at Tiffany's on All Hallows Eve.

Be well, folks. And keep that snow shovel handy!

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