Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Date with the Dummy

Okay, I know two posts in one day is a bit overzealous. But it was a good weekend and there's a lot to catch up on besides sleep.

Saturday afternoon was date time. April dropped Sylvia off at a friend's house and we got to spent a few hours together without the kid. It was a warm day and naturally I thought it would be nice to go for a ride. April thought so, too. Except, she is one week from her due date. Very pregnant women and pedaling don't necessarily go so well together. It's a belly clearance thing. So I offered that she should let me chauffeur her on the Big Dummy. She saddled up on the snap deck and away we went to Pizza Luce and CRC.

Now, 185lbs of prego wife and unborn child were a test of both capacity and safety of the new bike. I am pleased to say that it was a pleasant experience all the way around. April felt the balance of her seat was great. According to her she barely needed to hold on. We still had room in the Freeloaders for a pannier and leftover pizza and she was able to access the built-in foot rests. I enjoyed studying the facial expressions of pedestrians and drivers whom we passed en route. It's great to stop people in their tracks, don't cha think?

On the way to pick up Sylvia we went for a little hike down to the Leap Day fire spot. We caught the sunset and paused for a photo.

Yep, she's ready to go any day now. April told me she has a hunch that I shouldn't plan anything for the upcoming weekend. I haven't necessarily told her yet, but this upcoming weekend would be perfect -- so I can still make Hurl's Slick 50 ride on the following weekend. I'm a horrible husband, but I have an amazing wife. Thanks, Sweetie!


cvo said...

Wowzers you guys are getting big.

next week ya think hu,
well, good luck.

I still keep on reading what's going on around the country, especially with the northern brotherhood.

your more than welcome to come down for a visit any time, but something tells me your gonna have your hands full.

I'll see you at the Dakota 5ohhhh, maybe, but for sure at hff 08. If I only come back to the states once this year, it's gonna be for hff.
fo sure.

congrats again,
and good luck these next few days,

boy or girl?

Patch O'Houli said...

We have no idea if it's a boy or girl. We decided to leave it a surprise. I'm sure if you stay tuned you'll find out! I'm trying to convince April that the Dakota 5-0 should be our big vacation for the year. Load up the family, camp in the city park. We'll see how it goes.

Stay safe and have fun, bro!