Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm Not Cleaning Bikes Again Until June

I went about my day today minding my own business with the business of getting business done. We had some sun. It looked nice outside. Before logging off my work machine I checked the temp for the ride home. The red "ADVISORY!" message next to the otherwise pleasing temperature reading caught my eye. I clicked on the extended forecast -- snow moving in tomorrow afternoon. Snow is forecast later tomorrow, all day Friday and into Friday night. Accumulations of who knows?? 3-6" depending on the doom factor.

The first year I started commuting almost daily (that was 2 years ago), spring snowstorms were novel, fun, amusing. This winter was long and precipitation was bountiful. I'm over it. So, I'm gonna try a little reverse psychology:
Snow, I welcome you with a smile! Bring it on. I'll ride and commune with your icy goodness tempered by the warm winds of spring. We can co-exist and I want to be your friend!
Mark toasts you!

Obaid and Hap toast you!

We are all your friends! And we'll still do growler rides, even if you insist on visiting us all year long.

But just in case, I'm banking some more mojo: I'm shaving my beard this weekend. Maybe that will help. And I'm tired of cleaning bikes only to get another dump of slop. I'm not touching a rag or cleaning product until the threat of this fun stuff is thoroughly abated. Conjure your own spells amongst yourselves ...

Happy commuting!

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bminks said...

well they have snow forecasted here for the next 3 days but all it has done in lincoln is piss cold rain and drizzle for the last 3 days. oh and as of last week we can now get grain belt here, if u can find it.