Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy April 20th

Not exactly a Hallmark moment, but still celebrated in various circles the world 'round. I met up with the illustrious Rahn who had the bright idea to get a few friends together for a fire session down by the river. We rolled from Powderhorn to get provisions.

Mark waiting outside Chi-Lake Liquors. I can't believe I've lived in Mpls 6 years and I'd never been into Chicago-Lake Liquors. It boasts quite a variety of patrons with no shortage of excitement. An Xtracycle and a Big Dummy attracted some attention, especially since Mark already had firewood loaded on his bike. "I don't believe I've ever seen anyone carrying firewood on a bike," quipped one boozer on his way in.

Mark en route aboard the Stoke Monkey Xtracycle 1X1. Viva la reflective tyres! He's hauling his bike stool on the snap deck. Smart man.

Packing in a little more wood at the S.A. (the purveyor of Skiles favorite snack food, the Tornado!) People are just plain intrigued by the relatively mundane notion of hauling loads with a bike. A woman in the parking lot asked us, "Are you going far?" "Just down to the river to drink some beer and burn some wood," shot back Rahn. Well, he practically gave her directions, but neither she nor the cops showed up.

Joined by the two Anthonies around the fire. It was a beautiful night. The cloud cover glowed with the light from the full moon. I stayed a while after everyone else left for home, rather regretting I hadn't packed my sleeping bag. I mounted up and pedaled away as the flames of the last log were dying. The greenway was desolate and the road crossings were empty. There is nothing quite like the peace of riding the otherwise crowded bike trails at 3am on a Sunday morning.

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cvo said...

mmm, beers, bikes, bro's and fire.

sounds wonderfull