Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday and An Award Presentation

Here's a little feature courtesy of Peace Coffee, some Twin Cities folks peddling a fine, fairly-traded product which they in turn pedal all over the TC delivering by bike. The pounds hauled daily are impressive to say the least. But also take a look at emissions data -- TONS of CO2 they are not pumping into the atmosphere. Sure, most folks won't be commuting in a cargo van (which they cite for data calculations), but the offset of riding instead of driving a passenger car is still significant. This brightened my Thursday when it was forwarded by a co-worker. I hope it makes your Friday even better, especially if you're a regular bike commuter.

Lastly, I'd like to present an award I'll dub the "D-Bag Award for Cycling Insensitivity." Sometimes people behave in such a way that I personally wonder how they can live with themselves. But, then again, I am my own worst critic and most folks might not be so clued in to the implications of certain behaviors. I'd like to present my special award to a subset of the subset of drivers with bike racks attached to their cars, specifically the subset who drive like assholes toward cyclists who are actually out riding the streets instead of carting their bikes around attached to their coffins.

It happened last night -- I got squeezed at a red light by some chode driving an SUV with Yakima racks crowning his over-investment. You know, the barely 12" separating me from the door panel deal. He also rather conspicuously gunned it when the light changed. So, you, my friend, get the D-Bag Award. There's no trophy, just infamy. I give you the one finger salute. KUDOS!

I wonder if dyed-in-the-leather Harley dudes get buzzed by yuppie wannabes with Harley stickers on their SUVs?

Ah, forget it. The award stands, but my argument's invalid -- I'm obviously of the narrow opinion that bikes are meant to be ridden for a purpose. Not that fun can't be a purpose, 'cause it is. But bikes are not merely toys and I suppose I get a little chapped when a driver who appears to also be a "cyclist" treats me like I have no right to the road.

On that note -- happy weekend!

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