Monday, April 7, 2008

Golly, I Miss "Home"

My good friend, trials star and naked scooter buddy (that's another story entirely) from Knoxville, Brother Houts, sent me this tidbit. I'm a Tennessee boy and I can turn on an accent if need be that'll prove my roots grow far south of Mini-Soda. Other than the fact that I despise Jack Daniels and Big Orange football, a big chunk of my heart is still in TN. Luckily, I have a big heart. I should mention I despise NASCAR, too. But this TN legislator doesn't. The blogger is spot on with her rhetoric. She provides proof of one thing -- in certain parts of our fair land, NASCAR is practically a religion and messing with it is akin to sacrilege.

Thanks, Dave. I learned something else from your email, too -- there are blogs about things other than bikes!


aihfl said...

N = non
A = athletic
S = sport
C = centered
A = around
R = rednecks

Andy said...

You can't go home again, brother.