Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Sitting around the house nursing a concussion and a deeply aching body. One moment I feel rested and ambitious. I do something as innocuous as go for a short walk and I am sapped, drained, dizzy and in pain. Blogging does not hurt and for the most part does not require too much cognition. Perhaps this is a good time to mention a couple of events not too distant on the horizon of history:

Beer Pilgrimage III: Saturday, Sept 22nd
A small group and an informal ride. I was watching Sylvia all day while April worked so we made it a casual trip with fewer riders and less emphasis on mass growler consumption. Guilty parties: Mark R, Seth N, Anthony K, Paul R, TJ, Sylvia and me. It was a beautiful day -- quintessential warm autumn weather.
Sylvia is ready to cruise away from CRC with the top down.

The southbound end of a northbound beer patrol headed up Victory Memorial Pkwy.

En route to the brewery Sylvia says, "Beer!" for the camera.

A small, yet spirited group departs Surly Brewing. BTW Since our trip, I have tried Surly Fest and I recommend you drink some of it, too.

Back to North Mississippi Regional Park to examine all manner of weekend-style riverfront culture. We contributed to the unique ambiance of the place.

A little slice of urban nature. Sylvia and I explored the river bank and even found a tent, recently occupied nestled in the trees.

Anthony has gotten quite good at the hands-free track stand. Seth, well, he perfected his trademark schtick long ago.

Most of our group engaged in a toast. It's not quite the same as Mom taking Sylvia to playgroup ... but Sylvia had a blast ...

... especially because she had my full attention!

I gave into the group pressure to stick around a while and stoke up a grill. One of Sylvia's favorite foods is bratwurst.

Our group split to head home our separate ways. Anthony led Mark, Sylvia and me right through downtown and Nicollet Mall where we got to dodge pedestrians and cops.

Sylvia slept the whole way back. It had been a busy day for a 2 year old. Not long afterward it was time to head to Kate's house for Kate and Angela's birthday celebration.

The birthday girls are joined front and center by Sylvia.

A rare Tony sighting at the party.

Sylvia and I rocked the hammock as high as it would go.

Angela's birthday wish was to be burned at the stake. (Well, not really.)

Kate's wish was to relax and show off her sexy boots.

Sylvia showed off her ability to fall happily asleep almost anywhere. And so ended another fun day for the Flecks.

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