Friday, October 12, 2007


I've been meaning to post this for a while. It is partly a compilation of events I didn't manage to create overly wordy and long posts about when they happened, and, well ... just a way to say 'hey' to a lot of folks I love and who might not make my usual series of rants on a regular basis ...

Every September, Bear (he's on the left), a former co-worker from Bell Canoe Works, throws a kick ass party at his place out on Chisago Lake. Bear is a well-read and extremely cogent liberal soul, making him dear in my heart. The place and the bungalow are amazing. This year we went out there and Bear had big band sounds blasting from the stereo. It takes you back as you hang out in the yard of this lake home, dividing your time between the keg and the multiple fire pits (and the volleyball court and the balance boards and the awesome food). And let's not forget the people -- it is always a quality bunch of folks I only get to see about once a year, but we pick up with all the revery we ought to like we never missed a beat. Bear shares his amazing stories from his latest solo forays into the Canadian Northwoods via canoe. It's a trek out to Chisago, but it's always worth the jaunt when Bear throws a party. Chris poses next to him.

Chris hangs out with Sylvia. Chris and I were fellow commiserators at Bell. We went on more lunch time bike rides together than I can count and I cherish the memory of every one of them. He lives up in Cambridge and, sadly, we get to see each other way too infrequently. He is a father of two, really into wilderness tripping (most of the time on foot in the winter), and shoots a lot of photos. He is just a stand up guy and I am happy to have him as a friend. (I don't need to comment on Sylvia ... regular readers will know that she and I share a good many adventures together and I'm proud to say she is most always up for Daddy's crazy ideas.)

You should check out Chris's photography here. I admire him a great deal because he left Bell to do what he loved to do. He has a gift and he's making it happen.

Mama Fleck. Soon to be mama of Fleck offspring #2. April is the most amazing person I have ever met. She meets adversity with strength and resilience. She also doesn't bat an eye at most of the off-the-wall shit I pull. (Including calling her from the emergency room a week and a half ago.) For that I am thankful and studious of her ways. I am not so laid-back. But perhaps she'll rub off on me. She is also the most remarkable mother I have ever known. Sylvia loves her dearly. We would both be lost without her in our lives.

Fire. Fire is my friend. I even tried walking on a bit of it inadvertently while at Bear's last party. (Let's just say I am no yogi.) That's what I get for going barefoot while cooking bratwurst over the hearth-flame. Fire is awesome. It is my mentor, my teacher. Thanks, Dad, for teaching me the basics early.

Wendy, Bear's sister. She is a lovely being. I can't really say I have spent that much time with Wendy, but when you've shared a canvas tent with someone in northern Minnesota for two days at New Year's you can skip a page or two of the details. Wendy's smile and enthusiasm are always welcome. (Even though here she is unconscious, showing us the proper way to enjoy a fire.)

Happy Autumn, friends. May you all take a moment and think about the folks who are special to you, and may you be blessed enough to spend some time with them soon.

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Blogstyle said...

I hope April rubs off on you too.
Several more months into the gestation and April will probably wish you would have rubbed off on her as well.