Friday, October 12, 2007

The Bike Shoppe

Sylvia has been coming down to the bike shop with me off and on for the past few months. Lately, however, she's started to ask to do so every Friday night, which is usually bike shop night. She has become pretty good at matching the right size wrench to the bolt head. She's also learning how to tighten and loosen bolts. Let's hope, for her Mom's sake, she didn't loosen these chainring bolts.

What do you do with a stripped cassette cog? You make art out of it! Can't say I'm a huge fan of Miche cassettes -- I've sheered teeth off four cogs in 1200 miles. But they offer the ratios that Campy doesn't, and, besides, that's a different story I'd rather not get into now.

I've tried to use my down time lately to get a bunch of bike projects done like rotating tires, adjusting derailleurs and cleaning bikes that have been dirty for months. The down side of owning so many bikes? There is always something that is not quite right with at least one of them. The up side? There is always another one to grab and ride if one is not ready to go. Oh, compromise ...

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