Saturday, July 28, 2007

More schlock

Do you know what keeps me going? Well, lots of things keep me going. I love life, to be honest; I love the ups and downs, the triumphs and tribulations. But I love it when friends tell me, "You need to update your blog." That happened to me today. It's music to my ears because it lets me know that people are reading. Do you know what else you can do if you are reading? LEAVE A COMMENT! Trash talk, jive talk, I don't care what you talk. Enough said.

So, the day after my birthday, Mark (at work) plops a package in my lap. "Open it, I think it's a flask," he says. Sure enough, it was a flask, with a card that read: "Happy Birthday, Lover Boy. Love, Mrs, O'Houli." Now, I didn't think my dear partner had been paying that much attention, but she had. My old flask had been doing just fine until last Homey Fall Fest. It was severely dented in the relay race. (I had not anticipated full contact relay.) I've been bitching about how the Surly guys owe me at least a flask for the past 10 months. And out of the blue plops this flask in my arse.

You can't read it, but it says: "John Patch O'Houli Fleck." It's stainless with a full 8oz capacity. Leather covers and all. Yeah, a class act. I don't deserve it, but it's earned me a few friends already. See a following post to learn more. I love you, Mrs O'Houli. Wow, should I feel guilty like I'm having an affair?

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