Saturday, July 28, 2007

Exhuming McCarthy

Those of you who are hip know that I just made a reference to an R.E.M. song. Those of you who aren't might catch the connection when I say that I just watched "Good Night and Good Luck."

Well, I have been a basketcase lately. Not that anyone has noticed. But I have had a lot on my mind, not the least of which was this story of Stephan Orsak who was stopped while attemping to ride his bike away from MSP airport It has turned out favorably in his defense. I have to admit that I had several conversations with people for and against his case. All were cyclists and I was shocked and appalled at those cyclists who labelled him an "idiot" for not obeying police orders. I have one thing to ask: If a cop told me I had to jump over a bridge, would I? Would you? Is it wrong to question a police officer when you know they are NOT upholding the law? It shouldn't be. And in this era of post-911 hysteria we should not forget our civil rights, nor should the police eschew those civil rights. GOVERNMENT BE DAMNED. And my one friend who said you should do whatever the police tell you to do, no questions asked -- well, quite simply -- you're wrong.

1 comment:

cvo said...

those cops suck.

that guy did nothing wrong, and I hope I would have had the ballz to do the same thing he did, keep a cool head and talk to the officers about how absurd they were being..

fucking power hungry dicks..

I belive john, you and I are on the same page here.. dude was doing nothing wrong other than trying to leave the area on his bike..

fucking cops sometimes suck

sometimes they are the best..

sometimes they are power hungry cock suckers..

everyone has bad days..

hey, update your blog more man.. I love reading about my buddies up north.. wish I could do it more often.. Hint, hint..

see ya soon bro.
nice flask.. and happy birthday.