Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Patch O'Houli

This posting is a little late. Most things have been a little late lately. The festivities went down on Wednesday, July 11. It was the big 34 for O'Houli. Time keeps o'passing along. Some friends from work converged on the Lake Harriet bandshell. April and Sylvia met us there with charcoal and grillables. Lots of fun was had and considerable mayhem ensued. Do you really need to know all the details?

Tanner wore a kilt to work in honor of my birthday. What a nice guy (when he's not being a jerk.)
That's Matty followed by Tanner. It took us at least half an hour to wait for everyone to assemble outside of work to begin the trek to Lake Harriet via South Lyndale Lickers.
Here's our group STOPPED at a traffic light. In case any drivers are reading -- not all bikers run traffic lights! (Well, not all traffic lights ... and not all the time ... usually.) (I promise.)
That's a fine group we have assembled here! (That's not what the park police said when they showed up later after nightfall with their spotlights and chased us off.) But, you can see Wrex, Andy Skiles (, April's back, Dirty Kop, Angela and Eric, Matty and at least one other person I can't quite recognize. Stranger or friend, thanks for coming to my party!
And let's not forget Bill! Ahh ... Bill. Tanner and Seth are looking particularly relaxed while Wrex flies the colors and Dirty Kop makes a toast -- to himself.
Bikes and beer -- it's just a flimsy curtain masking the man-love within us all. Hap is a big teddy bear and Matt knows it.
" Stand by your man ..." Actually, Seth was looking for his bike and mistook Anthony's mustache for his handlebars.
Being from Tennessee, this shot reminds me of many scenes from my childhood. Maybe it's the black eye. Geoff is a trooper. He had a rather catastrophic bike accident and concussion a week or so before, but he made it to my party! Seth? Well, he just looks like my crazy ex-brother-in-law who once ripped the door off a Yugo in a drunken rage.

After the odyssey of getting Wittleder home, we settled on the bridge where we met Nate and Kent quite by accident. But that didn't last long as we were chased off yet again by the police. So, off to the hill, our faithful hill where we ended the night in fine style. Thanks everyone for sharing in the occasion and making it a night to remember.



3p0 said...

happy birthday buddy, and here is to many more.

Patch O'Houli said...

Thanks, CVO!

Andy said...

Nice post, Flecker. I have to say, the Wittleder story has led to many a tear shed in gut-wrenching laughter. Matty even came through with the idea of a Wittleder action figure. Fill you in later. Happy Birthday, John. Again.

cvo said...

dude, you got me inspired,

my girlfreind and I are loading up the bob trailers this friday night and heading to the lake 15-20 miles away to spend the night by the fire...

karate monkeys and bob trailers, ah yeah...

Patch O'Houli said...

That's awesome, CVO. Speaking of Karate Monkeys, just built one up myself. Have a great trip!