Sunday, July 1, 2007

First Century o' the Year

I bagged the idea for a full weekend tour, instead opting for a long Saturday ride on the Luce Line trail. I have been more and more intrigued by these long trails we have leading right out of the city. Pretty unbelievable that it's taken me a few years to realize they are even there. The Luce Line is a former electric light rail line. I intended to ride the full length (63 miles) of the trail and back, but I got a late start and didn't eat enough. I'll plan to do this ride again soon, although it would be a shame to speed ride such a beautiful trail. I'm thinking about packing the bags, working my way to the end of the trail (about 90 miles from home I think), and camping before a return ride. It would be the perfect high mileage weekend tour, right out the back door. The Ox Yoke Inn would make a pretty awesome diversion. Plenty of bike racks and they don't mind filling water bottles.
The day was hot and sunny. Lunch in Winsted was a welcome break. Here I am celebrating the joys of Gatorade. A rest stop on the way back. The Luce Line begins as crushed limestone and progressively fades into a dirt/gravel mix the farther west you ride. It really makes you feel like you're trekking. (Or maybe it's my Brooks bar tape that makes me feel like I'm trekking.)

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