Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tune in, Turn On, Dropouts

Needs fenders, rack, bar tape and extras but it's coming along.

Dropouts. Yep. Speaking of bikes, I mostly finished my new Cross Check. In some fit of stupidity I overlooked an obvious incompatibility issue. The rear wheel that came off my old Malvern is a 120mm track spaced hub. That ain't fitting in my Surly Gnot-Right 132.5mm drops. Oops. For the time being I spaced out a cog on an old road wheel I had laying around. I'd rather it were fixed, but for now it is just a single speed.
Special thanks to Erik Noren, the Liberace of bikes, for facing and chasing the frame in his illustrious shop, the world headquarters of Peacock Groove. Order a frame from him. He builds STEEL -- no carbon; no Ti; no Scandium, Unbendium or Unobtainium crap. Steel is real. That is all. Thanks, Erik for letting my frame into your steely sanctuary, the "Church of CroMo" -- yeah, that's got a ring to it. One day I'll order a frame from you, my friend.

A miscellaneous box outside the PG headquarters. The blocky font and all caps juxtaposed with the imploring message of compassion somehow struck me. These are good words to live by.

More photos to follow after the bike is finished.


Blogstyle said...

That bike certainly raises the bar for stack height.

Patch O'Houli said...

Don't worry -- I'll lose a few spacers after I install the 130degree stem. Will that look less dorky?

Patch O'Houli said...

Jerk. I have a new idea for a bike site -- "Just Ask Nitto." It can be a sub-site of Rivendell. There you can have all your fears of high bars dispelled, naturally.