Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Iowa Xmas Bound -- 58 hours and counting ...

I can't take credit for this bicycle brilliance. It's an image of a friend of my father-in-law's bike. His name is Curt. He gets definite points for style and initiative. You just don't see things quite so elaboratedly done when it comes to bike decoration in the Twin Cities.

I'm rambling and backtracking again. I never posted photos from Thanksgiving weekend in Iowa City. End of semester got the better of me. I love Iowa. I could see moving to Iowa City someday soon. The pace of life is just a little slower. Geographically it's not so stretched out. There aren't fixed gear cranking hipsters with bulging U-locks on every block. Of course, there's also not the bicycle-friendly infrastructure to the degree of Mpls. And I'd have to guess the "scene" is a little more cozy, too. But the place has a lot of great things going for it -- cool, artsy folks; history and natural beauty; and a friendly co-op that's not chock full o' Wedge fascist types.

We're headed back to IC this Saturday for a fun-filled Fleck family Christmas. It's never a dull time when we get together for family holidays.

Here I am showing my approval of the Thanksgiving feast along with Hannah, Julian and Sylvia.

An angelic (and cherubic) Sylvia surveys her domain.

An attempt at a family potrait for Dad and Sabra.

Sabra and Dad prep the feast. I can't wait to see what surprises await us on our next adventure to Iowa ... just two short days away. Iowa -- the focus of the Democratic candidates' efforts; Iowa -- the land of raptors and endless cornfields (sheltering food for those majestic birds); Iowa -- the mythical "middle" of America.

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Anonymous said...

Have a safe and fun trip. Those two aren't related are they???

high five!