Sunday, December 30, 2007

All Bikes Are Not Created Equal

Thanks to the marvels of the internet (and the tireless efforts of the encyclopedic Sheldon Brown) the wonderful Bridgestone catalogs of yore live on in the virtual world. Following is a link to an excerpt from the 1994 Bridgestone book. It features a fascinating discussion of bike frame materials from the standpoint of production. Have you ever wondered what goes into mining, smelting and eventual recycling, if applicable, of metals? Well, read on. It might just curb that lust you have for a spiffy titanium ride. (No offense to Moots or Seven, and if you were planning on surprising me with a gift of either, I'll still accept it.) Carbon isn't even dealt with in this discussion. As a veteran of the composite canoe industry, I can assure you it's no enviro-friendly alternative. Sadly, most carbon parts are built for weight savings over durability and are basically throw-away items once fatigued. Carbon fiber cannot be recycled as of yet.

Tomorrow, for the hell of it, I'm going to make up a new post. It will be #99 for the year 2007 and that seems like some sort of milestone, I reckon. Maybe I'll post 2 and make is an even 100. We're also hosting a little New Year's shindig. Stop by around 7 or after if you're in town for a potluck grill feast and outdoor fire. Yep, in Minnesota it's never a bad day to grill out.

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