Friday, September 7, 2007

Hey you, biker dude without lights ...

... or a shred of bright/reflective clothing. Yeah, you, the one who almost hit me last night while you rode southbound through the crosswalk at Snelling and Summit in the City of Saints. That was me with the two taillights, a front flasher and a 12W headlight. I'm sure you saw me. I have a message for you: Get a clue. Two problems: 1) You need to ride your flippin' bike in the street. You're sending a bad message to motorists and making life harder for the rest of us who would like to be legally recognized for rightfully claiming a tiny strip of the lane. 2) I rode 53 miles of crowded bike path and busy city streets yesterday and you posed more of a safety hazard to me than any car I encountered. Lights aren't just for your safety, dimwit; they alert others that your lame ass is approaching. Perhaps you are trying to fly under the radar, you think there is safety in not being noticed. Well, live proud, brother -- join the LED revolution. And please spread the word among all your friends who are also future nominees for the Darwin Awards. All of you non-illuminated two-wheeled brothers and sisters have it half right -- at least you're not reinforcing your ignorance behind the wheel of a car. But let's step it up folks -- ride your happy asses down to your LBS and spend $10 on a couple trinkets that will surely save your bacon a hundred times over.

A Dorked Out Reflecto-Fluorescent-LED Bike Crank

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