Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Patriot Day

A beautiful morning -- mid 50s and clear with a cool wind out of the northwest. We've had a quick weather change that has left me scrambling for the right layering combination for the commute. Tonight it is supposed to plunge into the 40s. All this wonderful fall weather is just in time for -- you guessed it -- 'cross season! A week and a half to the first event.

This weekend is Chequamegon. I know, I haven't even put up a post from the Dakota 5-0 yet. It's a massive undertaking and it is in progress. But with four days of history and 190 photos to sort through you gotta cut me some slack.

Remember, today is Patriot Day. Do you recall where you were 6 years ago today? I do. I also know that a lot has changed -- my last name, my family status, and two jobs (among other things) -- in those 6 years. I'll spare a political rant and avoid mentioning what has, or hasn't, changed in our country. Instead, ponder a question Sean Burns might ask:

Proper or Improper logo placement?


cvo said...

I was working in one of the most evil places on earth on 911... in the scheels shop in lincoln nebraska.. I got up that morning and made the long commute to work, but I took an even longer detour, while planes and terroorrist were changing the world, I was raging our local single track blasting van hallen and dmb in my headphones... I remember walking into the store with my headphones still on thinking, I ain't listening or talking to anyone no matter what until I get changed and clock in.. (too many times you walk into work and before you even park your bike or take off your bag someone is asking you stuff, I like to wear my headphones until I'm ready to talk, and when people try to chat with my phones still in, I just give them the blank stare and quietly mouth the words to what i'm listening too..)

I kinda noticed a bunch of people watching tv's but I ignored them and went about my routine, change, eat, drink, clock in, shit, you know what everyone does when they get to work, I was the only on in the back and for the longest time I wasn't bothered, then I went around the corner and everyone. EVERYONE in the store was staring at the tv's.. I was like wtf... and then it hit me...

the world changed.

I hate this fucking day, cuz the world changed due to ignorance.

sorry to rant on your blog Fleck.

i'm looking forward to seein ya soon.

have a good one dude.

Patch O'Houli said...

Rant away, my friend ... no worries. HFF!