Thursday, February 26, 2009


I guess I had no idea so many others like me also liked these nifty things. If you have the same skin (or skine) condition, bookmark this site as a reminder that we are all dorks. Then laugh at yourself. Smear something on your clothes and laugh again. Ha! You're hilarious. Thanks to Sara for the tip to re-acquaint myself with this precious blog.

Holy shit ... was my last post actually the 10th? Sorry to the folks who actually read my blog. (And I mean sorry you have nothing better to do with your time.) Perhaps I've just been basking in the self-important glow of friends actually talking to me in person and saying things like, "Update yer damn blog, Fleck."

More news to come. We just had about 4" of snow in as many hours. Spring's a-comin'!

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