Tuesday, February 3, 2009

26 Out of 30 Ain't Bad

No, I'm not talking about my cyclocross placings last season. I recently read a short piece on a survey that included Mpls. Apparently some people were asked the equivalent of "Would you ever consider living in city 'X'?" The 612 rated 26 of 30, besting only such dubiously lauded burgs as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit and one more that slips my mind. The jist of the story though (since it was written by our local paper) was that we Minneapolitans live here because we like it. Profound, eh?

As overly simplified as that may sound, it does ring true. There is a lure to this place that defies logic. Especially when doors freeze shut and sidewalks take on the semblance of skating rinks for weeks at a time.

I fell in love with Mpls while here on business in the early spring of 1999. I knew nothing of the winters, but I thought they sounded fun. And they have been. Nowadays I'm kinda proud that 82% of surveyed respondents said "No way, Jose" when asked if they'd live here. I'm happy only 16% said they'd consider it. I feel our fair city has a nice population balance. This survey indicates we don't need to worry about a surge of new neighbors anytime soon. Ha! If only Portland could be so lucky ... (Geez, Patch ... you had to sneak in a Portland slam didn't ya?)

While some might think we're certifiably crazy to call Minneapolis home, I'd simply have to respond there's something I haven't quite figured out how to explain just yet, so I won't even try. But, trust me, it's there because if it wasn't I/we wouldn't be.

I now humbly submit a short list in photos of just a few of the reasons I dig Minneapolis MN in winter:

Snow that hangs around long enough you can actually study the individuality of flakes.

Primo, baby. Now made in New Ulm, but that's still pretty local. Besides, they left the big ass sign downtown on the river. Like the beer, it's a landmark.

Shoveling pathways in order to hang out in the back yard.

No need to put the beer on ice. (Artificially made ice, that is.)

Roasting chestnuts for the first time and having absolutely no doubt that it's seasonally apropos. (This photo was taken at Xmess.)

I was in Memphis TN a few weeks ago where we were treated to some significantly warmer weather than here. I was in England last week where it resembled spring with "warm" 40 degree rain. I got back on the bike in MN this week for 0F commutes, numb toes and a couple of fantastic beardsicles. But I came back. Man I love this place.


Jim Thill said...

The thing that gets me is that people in more hospitable climates tend to spend even less time outside than people in Mpls. My in-laws in Florida can't handle either the summer heat or the winter cold (50-some degrees).

Snakebite said...

"While some might think we're certifiably crazy to call Minneapolis home...."

Living in Minneapolis is not why we think you're certifiable. It's for completely different reasons. ;-)

burnt said...

I rode Calhoun, the Lagoon (the Loppet ice race course is still there and still challenging), Isles, the Canal, Cedar, and Brownie today and never left the ice. It was warm, calm, and the sky was a brilliant blue. I had a couple of Summit Maibocks to fortify me on my tour. What other urban area can you engage in such foolishness? Minneapolis winters are magical.

Linden said...

Did they do any of those surveys in Mexico City or Somalia? Because it has seems that lots of folks from those places have put MPLS. in their top-10.

We Americans sure are lucky that we've got something as simple as the weather to use as a deciding factor for relocation.