Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something to Chew On 'Til I Update My Blog For Real, NOREN!

Hola, Friends and Disparagers of All Things Right and Holy,

I am sorry I am busy having a life. It happens I hear. I love you all. Really I do. I'll take this opportunity to say (if you haven't already been invited) you're welcome to come to our Flecktoberfest celebration this Saturday 10/25. It's kicking off about 4pm with family friendly frolics and digresses from there until no one is left standing. There'll be lots of beer, fire and good eats. You may have bobbed for apples but have you ever bobbed for PBR? You should give it a try. And you can -- this Saturday at our house. Now look, I'm not gonna leave my address on this here blog. I will say we do have convenient access to bike paths in the 6-1-2. Pop me a comment with your email if you're up for attending and I'll supply details. Word.

The only other big news is my recent decision to support McCain/Palin. I just couldn't deny the inevitability of it all once I was availed of this campaign poster:

I can't imagine life without an impending apocalypse, can you? May the woman known to some as "god" help us all. Thanks to Aaron for the image. He was the only party guest zealous enough to show up for Flecktoberfest exactly one week early. And he brought friends even.

Get thee somewhere fun. More news soon.


Patch O'Houli-Fleck


Noren said...

We need to hearfrom you more 'cause we like you.
Now I ahve to go, I have an apocolypse to start....

Patch O'Houli said...

Aww ... I think I shed a tear in my beer. Cone to the party. Big hugs await (and maybe some single chicks?)

Anonymous said...

and because noren updates his blog waaayyyy more than anybody... RAH!