Monday, August 25, 2008


Okay ... this is getting really old. In this newest cut-and-run the thief (thieves?) pulled a double-whammy and stole a 1X1 and a Karate Monkey -- both loved very much and both lovingly built by my good friend, Johnny. Visit the link above for photos and descriptions. Many of the previous thefts I've noted have been opportunistic -- someone leaves their bike in a garage or it's secured with an underpowered lock. These two bikes were locked with two other Surly Steamrollers using a U-lock and 3/8 cable. The perpetrator(s) cut the cable and stole the two mtn bikes leaving the Steamers. Who knows, maybe they would have been back for those. The point I'm making is the person(s) who stole these bikes went lookin' for bikes to steal because you can't cut a 3/8" cable with the Swiss Army knife you just happen to have in your pocket. If you love your bike take precautions, friends.

If my friends are having so many bikes stolen I can't help but think of the thousands of other Twin Cities cyclists and their bikes whom I don't know. Case in point, I'm in my garage Saturday afternoon, doors open, putzing on some shelving when a young kid of maybe 12 yrs rolls by. I say 'hi' and give him a quick wave then glance down to notice his ride -- a relatively new Cannondale with Headshok which is obviously a couple sizes too large for him. He's followed by two kids a little younger on the standard issue Magnas. Which one of these things is not like the others? I may be profiling to presume that there's something incongruous about a black kid (any 10-12 yr old kid for that matter) riding a new, too large Cannondale, but fuck it -- the circumstantial evidence points to the fact that I saw a stolen bike roll by my garage, accompanied by some young miscreants who were cruising the alleys for more easy pickings.

Bike thefts sound like they're approaching epidemic proportions. A bike blogger could make a full-time spew of posting the stolen bikes in the TC this summer. Record your serial numbers, folks. If the police find the property you can't claim it without identifying it. This helped out a friend recently whose bike WAS actually recovered by the 5-0. Also, lock your bike securely even if it is inside what you think to be a secure garage.

In the meantime, look at the photos in the link above, keep your eyes peeled and consult Hurl for the appropriate action to take when encountering bike thieves.



Anonymous said...

bike thieves should be shot then ask ???

Vito said...

That's a bummer about the bikes, but your friend's idea of killing people is out of line. Mame maybe.

That's why I keep mine in the basement and not in the garage.

Stephen and Rachel said...

Hey John,
It does suck VERY badly! We had a nice full suspension stolen before our very eyes at our bike shop this summer. Now if I see anyone riding the Trek Fuel EX 8, I have 20 questions for them about where they bought it etc.
The garage thing is right brother and sister-in-law just moved back to Knoxville from San Francisco. In SF, they had about 8 bikes locked up with multiple locks in their garage under their flat living downtown. Some dumb ass somehow snuck into their garage and stole their outer most bike. I hate the fuckers who steal our beloved bikes! Good post. Rach