Monday, August 18, 2008

The Belgian Connection

Hola, fair readers! Long time no blog. Yep, there's tons to catch up on: I have 377 photos from my Japan trip; We had a fun family bike vacation two weeks ago; After one massive weekend of work and organization you can now walk through our garage; Willa is almost crawling. More on those topics later.

For now, however, a very excellent cross race is in danger of not happening this year. The Hub's Powderhorn Cyclocross race is having some trouble securing the necessary permit from the park board. Following is a message from Joel Cahalan, worker-owner at The Hub:

Help save cyclocross in Minneapolis Parks! For the past three years The Hub Bike Co-op has sponsered a highly attended cyclocross race at Powderhorn Park in south Minneapolis. This year we are having trouble securing a permit for the race due claimed damage to the park. We need folks to attend this Wednesday's Park Board meeting to show support for keeping cyclocross racing in Minneapolis parks and specifically at Powderhorn Park. Besides having some supporters at the meeting we need people who are willing to stand up and speak for 2-3 minutes about why it is important to keep the cyclocross race at Powderhorn. If you live in the park vicinity and or feel strongly about this please contact me about signing up to speak (Joel Cahalan 612-203-5280(cell), 612-729-0437(shop)). I will have some talking points put together and emailed out before the meeting. To speak you must be signed up by 3pm the day of the meeting. The meeting starts at 5pm with time for us to speak at 5:30. It is located at:

MPRB Administrative Offices, Board Room Suite 255
2117 West River RoadMinneapolis

If you live in the Powderhorn area, love cyclocross (and who doesn't?!) and can help out by attending the meeting to show support please do so.

On a somewhat related Belgian note -- what the hell is all the fuss about Belgian beer? It seems to be quite fashionable these days. I've frankly about had it. I have drunk my fair share of Belgian delights and they are just not all that. Some are okay, many aren't. Give me an IPA, a complex porter or a meaty stout. Besides, I like a beer I can pronounce. I'm sure to get a few comments for sticking my neck out like that.

Be well, friends. More posts soon. Thanks for those of you who've assailed me with requests to update my blog.


mark said...

I've been drinking Belgian ales since I was 17 and have visited 3 of the world's 7 Trappist breweries to date, on bicycle nonetheless. As much as I enjoy drinking Belgian beer, I cannot afford to quaff it like I would like - and I do like.

Oh, and welcome back, kind sir.

Snakebite said...

He called you "sir!"