Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yep ... It's For The Insurance

That title has nothing to do with my post but everything to do with a couple of conversations I've had lately with April. Health insurance -- talk amongst yourselves. If you're covered, great. If you're not (in many ways) count yourself lucky.

Anyway ...

On this eve of Father's Day we had a couple of significant happenings (not the least of which was me reminding an unaware April that tomorrow is Father's Day).

Following is an early morning rendition of me surfing both girls in my lap.

No, I don't get paid extra for logo placement. In fact, don't even ask the last time I washed that Surly shirt.

The most exciting thing I did today was get Sylvia out for her first ride on the Big Dummy. She was just ready -- nothing more to be said, it was the right time. She hopped on and we rode along with April and Willa strolling at first. Then Sylvia said we should go faster. She held on and dangled her legs and chatted the whole way. We rode to CRC and back -- 2.25 miles including turn-arounds to catch up with Mamma.

Later I rode to the beer store alone. Sylvia requested that I get her a sucker. I forgot. When I arrived home she asked me for her sucker. I stuttered and told her I'd forgot but that I could run out and get her a sucker right away. She sprang to her feet and said, "I want to ride with you." We rode a mile round trip to the corner store. Sylvia hopped on the Big Dummy like it was no big deal. We stopped and she climbed right off. She chose her flavor, I paid $.32 and we were on our way (she got two suckers upon my suggestion).

Later Mom went out to catch up with an old friend who's in town. Sylvia napped, woke up and wanted her toe nails painted. White, naturally, just like last weekend. She also requested that I paint my toe nails, the same color as her fingernails (which I also painted).

Not pictured are my fingernails, which are purple, also per Sylvia's request. I have lots of practice at this. Don't ask unless you really want to know.

After Momma got home I told Sylvia she is lucky to have one of maybe 3-5% of dads who would paint their nails with their daughters. Perhaps that's a spurious statistic. Who knows? Will any proud, kilt-wearing, nail-painting dads really admit it? It doesn't matter. I had a great evening with my daughter.

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Jim Thill said...

Being the father of a daughter has led to me doing things I hadn't anticipated. I'm quite a hairstylist, as it turns out.