Saturday, November 10, 2007

Flecktoberfest 2007

Well, here's a little story about a party called "Flecktoberfest," November 3rd, 2007. I stumbled upon the obvious logic of this naming rubric just this year. While I have touted the Fleck name for three years, it never occurred to me to incorporate it into the moniker of the yearly bash I've been hosting now for 11 years or so. While our party is nothing like the Roses' 4th of July celebration, (and it certainly was no "Patch's Easter Eye Hunt"), we did boast our biggest turn out ever -- over 50 people. The general theme every year is a celebration of all things Oktoberfest/pagan/harvest related. The specific theme this year was "Piss off the neighbors who should have moved to the suburbs." We succeeded.

It all started rather innocently. Taco sleeps peacefully on the bed while the party begins to crank up.

Family time indoors during the wee hours. From the left: Megan, Lilia, Sylvia (pants off), Kara, Chandler, Trevor and Isabella.

The party takes a turn after Andy and Pamela show up. I think this is about the time the keg (of Bell's Two Hearted Ale) kicked in, for me at least.

Another round of chicken wings, brats and dogs hit the grill.

Bike Tech Guru, Aaron, and Nikki. Eric (in the background) talks philosophy with Skiles.

Chef John. I referred to myself as the "Funky Chef" (traditional garb except for my kilt). I like this photo -- it is rather Van Gogh, don't you think?

Firemaster Mark Rahn brought over the fire pit and tended the blaze all evening. When he showed up at 4:50 (party began at 5) he said he intended to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Who knew Mark was a prophet? Here Pamela chats with Sylvia while April (in rasta colors) and Megan look on.

The Renaissance mug puts all others to shame (including me, the person drinking from it). Bill and Dirty Kop arrived sometime during the filming of this evening. They look happy, that's all that mattered.

Lisa (holding Milo), Alison and Jen. Seeing Jen and Milo was one of the highlights of the evening.

Pamela captured in a weird moment of weirdness.

A queer sort of nativity: Tony eats the baby emerging from my frock while Andy awaits his turn to lap up the remnants.

As in popular christian myth, the baby lives on. Andy is not happy.

Tony, Fleck and Andy. Good hug ... let's get another beer.

At this point, the pictures drop off. The party raged on. Sometime after midnight I had the brightly-illuminated, mostly-drunken idea we needed music. I ran an extension cord and plugged in my boom box from the bike shop. CD of choice: Husker Du's "Everything Falls Apart." Apparently our neighbors (they're the ones who should have moved to the suburbs) aren't Husker Du fans. The fellow walked into our crowd and quite politely asked if we could quiet down. Someone less belligerent than I doused the music. (I won't go into my stock rant about the neighbors.) About 2am the Funky Chef had to get horizontal. Mark shut the party down, including (as I found out on Monday) welcoming a visit from Johnny Law (no, he's not related to Johnny Nebraska). Mark Rahn, you are my hero. Seriously ... thanks.

Sunday brought sunshine, so harshly announcing the end of a successful night of merriment. I awoke to find the chairs stacked neatly in the entry way, tap pulled from the keg, all remnants of the fire extinguished. Lesson learned: Bell's Two Hearted is a great keg but perhaps not the best for a keg party. As I understand, lots of our guests didn't make it to church on Sunday.

A shot of the aftermath (detail). There were several of these to pick up.

I policed the grounds. The keg was still afloat with yet a bit of liquid payload to yield -- about 5L precisely. It was not until well after noon that I lifted the lid on the grill to discover 8 brats and hotdogs as of yet uncooked. Apparently our chef had placed them over dead coals and gone about his business awaiting the gradual forces of nature to prepare their flesh. I am still awaiting the returns of such a phenomenon. That's a sign it was a good party, and a good party it was.

At this point, a few thank you's are needed (along the order of liner notes to an album): April, thank you for all your preparation, cooking and hospitality -- I love you without end, partly because you are an infinitely gracious host; Sylvia, someday soon you will understand the integral part you play in everything we do; Sheila, thanks for being our second guest and for blogging the party (BTW I linked you); Mark Rahn, you are an awesome friend and an inspiration ... thank you is all I can say; Angela, thanks for the yummy chili and for being our friend and fairy godmother (you, too, Eric! Sorry we didn't get to hang out more); Mark Emery, thank you for not letting your camera capture too much; Bear, you are a brother to the Nth degree and I welcome your presence anytime; Andy and Pamela, you two did not have to do the dishes, seriously, but you did and THANK YOU, also for showing up in costume; Megan, you are sexy and beautiful and a wonderful person to share our daughter with; Joel, I meant it when I announced to everyone around that you were my inspiration for bridging the gaps around the Cities by bike and your flatbread was awesome!; Trevor, Andrea and Isabella -- we hope to see more of you; Chandler, Kara and Lilia -- it was so nice to have you here and watch Sylvia and Lilia play together; Lisa, thanks for checking on Taco and bringing Jen and Milo; Jen and Milo, thanks for coming and may love and happiness be with you both; Don and Linda Sue, it's not all about the coerced hugs ... you two are incredible; Tony, you never dodge my hugs and for that I am thankful -- thanks, too, for eating my baby; Skip, you were here, you were gone, things were crazier than I thought they might be; Becca and Zach thanks for coming and putting up with the scene -- Zach, thanks for drinking scotch with me (although I didn't need it); Dirty Kop, I think we are cut from the same cloth and we still need to do karaoke someday; Seth, sorry I beat your helmet against your head -- you know I love you in sick and perverted ways; Johnny and Carrie, you two are my hope for the apocalyptic future, and I treasure Johnny for reminding me that things are never any worse than they've always been; Julia and Maria, the more we are together the more I realize we have so much yet to share; Alison, thanks for being receptive to the "other side" of your dharma friend; Bill, we're still eating the ice cream sandwiches and you're still a beautiful gnome; Bobby and Lara, positive vibes always welcome! Thanks for bringing some light to the party; Judd and Amy -- Judd, fate always brings us together and I think that is the way it is meant to be; Becky G, after Todd's party I can hardly believe you thought it safe to come to my house; Tyler, I really didn't need to try your rum-spiked cider but you were too convincing; Holly and Alix, you two are always fun and Holly, I love our banter; Sean-O, my captain, you showed up like you said you would - thanks!; Ryan, by the time you got here I was in the bag, but you were a trooper; Matty rocks! When I grow up I wanna be just like you; Geoff, you were a brave man to bring an uninitiated friend, but being here said it all, and nice jacket by the way!; Cameron, keep riding that new bike, man.

That's about it for 'thanks' and otherwise. If you read this and find that I am in complete error, call me out in a comment. It was an incredible party and only because all our friends decided to make an appearance. Good folks, good food, good cheer -- FLECKTOBERFEST!!

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Andy said...

I don't think this post was thankful or positive enough, so I'll bump it up with thanks for a fun time had by Pamela and I. By the way, my 'fro still smells like burnt wood.