Friday, November 9, 2007

All Crossed Up and No Place To Go

It's been a while since a few of these shots were taken, but I wanted to post them. Mostly I want to post them since I have not raced since my little accident with the concussion and all. My head is fine (I think). But my low back still has a lump like a slightly flattened golf ball has been deposited atop my sacrum. Bone bruising the chiro says. It should go down -- eventually. Anyway, not racing hasn't meant not going to races. I have spectated at a couple of cross events, in attendance with cowbell and camera in hand, shouting 'til I'm hoarse, yucking it up with friends.

Here are a few samples from the Boom Island CX, just a couple miles from downtown Mpls:

Orange Crush in action cruising past the raucous Camp Hollywood.

The Brothers Orange: ATW Ray and the Man, the Legend -- T. Hurl Everson, Esquire

Obaid is not quite sure what he's gotten himself into. This was his first (last?) race. C race fields have been huge this year. Apparently cyclocross is hitting its stride.

Mark Rahn's arm with cowbell attached. It doesn't matter who you are -- in 'cross you're going to get the cowbell and you're going to get yelled at -- first place, last place and every place in between.

Andrew Pierre, of Team Vegan, reflects. He built that bike himself, as in the frame and all.

Mr. Burns clears a barrier. Yep, that's an Indy Fab with full Campy. If it was my size, I'd steal it from him. (Just kidding, Burnsy.)

Hollywood rolled out the black carpet for his friends. Looks like the scene of a pretty wild party. Wait, it was, if I remember correctly.

Ryan Horkey showing us why mtn bikers make good 'crossers. The dude following seems to be missing his ticket to board the clue bus.

Start of the A race. Nothing like a narrow off-camber a couple hundred meters from the line.

Geno (second back) cranks it out on the single.

Geno may not have been in the money, but he knows the real glory lies in snatching the beer hand-up!

'Cross fans come in all shapes and sizes. Here I display a few of the common essentials -- cowbell, beer, and in my free hand (until a friend snapped this photo) a camera. This was one representation of Team Hub.

Here's another representation of Team Hub -- Joel opening it up on the straightaway to the final barriers. Paul also raced. Sean-O joined the crowd on the sidelines for a bit.

An off-duty Matt with daughter Alicia (and someone in a very cool La Vie Claire retro beanie whom I don't know).

It's hard work standing out in the cold for 5 hours swilling beer. We headed to Grumpy's afterward to stoke what Seger called "the fire down below." Kelly Mac shows off a trick she learned in school. A lot of generic photos have people flashing peace signs. BORING. Biker photos predominantly portray another internationally-recognized symbol.

Oh, Cyclocross, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways by showing off a few photos from the mighty Team Hub's own event -- Mill City held at Powderhorn Park. I biked over with Sylvia while April ran off for Day 2 of a weekend seminar. It was chilly (in the 40s). Let me just say, our daughter is a hearty young soul. She loaded up in the Burley and was ready for action when we arrived at the park.

Start of the C race. Johnny Nebraska is all business, picking out his victim in the crowd. Notice -- brim down.

Matty, however, seems a bit more relaxed. This is obviously evidenced by the "brim up" posture of his cycling cap. Bearded Cat 6 boy poses no threat. After all, everyone knows the Amish don't race bicycles.

Another thing I relish about my daughter -- she, like her dad, loves cold food. That's right, honey, it's just energy and the belly will break it down and send it to your bloodstream whether it's hot or not.

Surly Pugsley -- official vehicle of USCF rep Matt Anderson.

Mark Rahn's party was hopping with a keg and a firepit within sight of the course. Marie warms her arse while someone else warms their beer??

Steve and Seth converse with Noren.

A blurry Geno and daughter Hannah. It was the day after Homie Fall Fest ... holding the camera steady was a bit difficult at times.

Another gratuitous Sylvia shot; can't get enough of these, especially when they also include one of my favorite bikes.

So, I've gotten pretty comfortable with the pressure of racing off my back, but I think I'll give it a go again this weekend in Milaca. More details to follow ...

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