Sunday, June 24, 2007

60 Years and Counting

They planned and cooked all the food for their anniversary party to boot. Congrats G&G Fleck. You are both an inspiration and you make me proud of my decision to adopt the Fleck name. While we're at it, what the hell, let's throw in a couple more pictures. We traveled to Chicago for the celebration and got to stay in the Doubletree Arlington Heights. Enjoy readers -- these have nothing to do with ranting about cars, fossil fuels or other things in general that I so relish picking apart ...

Hannah and John in a rare moment of cooperation

April in disbelief that she actually has found a game she can't master (Yet, the bean bag toss seems so simple.)Refreshments will be served in Room 327

Why exactly do kids get to stay for free? They always seem to do the most damage.

"Wait, who are these freaks dressed only in their underwear?"Our sisters Hannah and Erin

Erin wrangling Julian and a cross-dressed Sylvia

If B-Rose can blog goats (, I can blog a monolithic moose.

The coolest thing about having a kid? You'll do things you never imagined. Like stopping at a cheesy resort exit on I-94 in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. I'm quitting the bike gig to go to work for glamour shots. I have an inside line on larger-than-life fiberglass game animals.

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