Saturday, April 17, 2010


I’m going to jinx us all when I open up this topic, but I just have to brag about how incredibly awesome our run of early spring weather has been. A month ago when I boarded a plane bound for Taiwan it was sunny and topping out at a sweat-breaking 60 degrees. I cursed the fact I had to leave Mpls because I was certain I’d return to some cold snap or a late snow. Every year we yearn for the warmth as winter winds down, but you do well not to get too comfortable during late winter/early spring in MN. Things are known to change quickly.

When I returned from Taiwan a week and a half later it was warm, sunny and dry. This made me happy but I couldn’t let myself get too smug. It was only late March after all. Now as we slide toward the tail end of April it’s looking more and more like we are truly fortunate to bask in the glory of the earliest spring on record during my eight year sojourn here.

Sylvia sports a piece of fresh tulip jewelry.

The latest snow that I recall fell during the final week of April about 5 years ago. Those few slushy inches quickly melted and we were back on course for May flowers. I don’t want to knock them -- spring snow storms are fun in their own special way. But my main point here is this – no matter how you slice it, spring in MN is one of the most incredible seasonal experiences anywhere on Earth. All of our seasons are defined with well-marked transitions. I love that as do most of the others I know who choose to call this place home.

Last Saturday night Willa looked up into the western sky and spied the sliver of a moon. She pointed it out to me stating, “Daddy, there’s the moon … the moon.” She followed up by dispelling a popular myth: “There’s no cheese in it.”

Just in case you were wondering.

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